Vera, a little renaissance town.

To start, Vera is a small town in the inland of Almeria. It is close to the Mediterranean Sea.
In the south of Spain.
The region of Almeria is one of the lesser known coast. It is between the Costa del Sol and the Costa Blanca.
But it is the sunniest coast of them all.

Vera- parador
Vera- parador




The climate is considered by experts as a Mediterranean climate. In other words, mild winters and hot sunny summers.
It is cool down  in summer by the sea breeze. In winter is protected by the mountains against the wind.
So for the many tourist and second home owners it is a perfect place.

What to see in Vera

First, Vera is a town with many facilities.
As it is a walled renaissance town, there are some great sightseeing points.
In the past, in the period of the Arab occupation the town was called ” Baria”.
In fact it was also closer to the sea.
Since the occupation of the Moors, they moved the town to the nearby hill. As a result, that the town was on a more strategic point of view.
Then, in 16 century an earthquake destroyed the area  around ” Baria “. Then the Moorish occupation was also finished.
The town was rebuilt in the same century and since the it is “Vera”.

Worth the visit

First, the town has several interesting buildings. one of then is the Plaza Mayor houses.

Then, also interesting is the “Church of Encarnacion “. In the past, this church was built as a fort against the Moors.
Indeed, the church is still very imposing. It has 4 great towers.  Inside the church, the altarpiece is worth seeing.

Vera town
Vera town

Further, the town hall or Ayuntamiento was built-in the 16 century. Indeed the period of the earthquake.
Nearby, you will find the Archaeological Museum. The best is that the Archaeological Museum contains a lot of  interesting information about the history and the folklore of this region and the town.
So, we think that when there is an archaeological Museum in a town , it is worth a visit . Because so  we have a better understanding  of the culture and history from the area.

The” Plaza de Toros”  the bullring is the place for many festivals and cultural events  in Vera.

In the center of the town, there are little shops, restaurants and bars.


Every Saturday is market day. You find the market in the main streets.
The meeting point for tourist and locals. The beating heart of Vera’s life.
For instance, you can find fruits , vegetables, meat, fish, cloth, shoes, handbags, home-ware items and much more.


The cuisine in Vera is very good. it is a perfect mix from the ingredients from the Mediterranean Sea  and the land.
So it mix  fish, Seafood, meat and more.
There are many restaurants and Tapa bars.
For instance,  why not try the local dish ? The “Gurullos”.  It is a spoon dish. Or the paella ?
The  sardines on the grill are excellent . And take as a sweet ( guilty) pleasure the date cake.


In fact, Vera is a 8 kilometers from the coast.
Specifically, Vera beach is famous for it Naturist Beach a large beach for Nudist.
Some say, is that the beach is the center of naturist at the  Almeria coast.

Vera Beaches
Vera Beaches

Nearby, there is also a water park. It is fun for the family. In this “ Parque Acuatico” .
You can choose for the thrilling adventure: the Adventure river , the water shoots, the Black Hole. Or you can choose to relax by one of the swimming pools.

Side by side there is also a mini gold , very popular by families. An amusement park and different green zones.

Tip for trips

First, Lorca is a baroque city worth a day trip . See our page  on   Lorca.

Then, the city of Cartagena. A cit y with a naval history. Read more about Cartagena on our page.

Further, Murcia the capital of the Murcia region. Check our page on Murcia.

Another city worth a day trip is Almeria . Almeria is the capital of the region with the same name. With the beautiful “Alcazaba” fortress. See our page on Almeria .

How to get there

You can can access Vera  easily  from the A15 motorway. This motorway takes you from Murcia to Almeria.
The airport of San Javier- Murcia is an 130 kilometers or one hour and half drive.
The airport of Alicante El Altet is is approximately 200 kilometers drive or two hours drive on the A7 and A 15 motorway.

To conclude…

Vera is an ideal holiday destination in the sunniest region of Spain.