Valencia, worth a visit

Valencia city is also the capital of the Valencia region.
But it is also Spain third largest city.
If you are staying at the Costa Blanca, it is an ideal road trip.

Nice to known is that Valencia is a part  of the “Costa del Azahar”.
Which literally means  “Orange blossom coast “.
Valencia regio,  is famous for his delicious orange directly from the orchard.


So, the smell of the orange blossoms is overwhelming in november and december.

Also this regio is a part of the popular  Costa Blanca. 

City of Valencia

Furthermore, the city is a mix of the past and the future due to the most innovative buildings.
Some come to Valencia for the architecture.
The colorful ornate carvings on the different buildings.
Like in the old city. The cathedral is really wort a visit. In the week in winter the visit is free.
In the summer season you have to pay an entrance.
Also de Lonja de Seda is a a splendid witness of the medieval architecture.
Drink a coffee or cava at the Plaza de Ayuntamiento. Meantime you can admire the large white buildings and the fountain.

Nearby is also the Bullring and the Station.


Citytrip to Valencia

Indeed,  it is popular as city trip by visitors from the all over Europe.
Because  in Valencia you can find everything you want.
Like, a lots of  beaches, theaters, museums…
So, for every tourist or local, they’re is a lot of culture and gastronomy.
And the city is a very active city with many fairs and conferences.

Furthermore the  most important harbor of Spain  is in this beautiful city.

But it is a metropolis. But it does not feel as a large city.
It is nice , easy walking. And safe for tourists.
Bicycles are very popular. And in the center the cars drive slow.

The best attraction are  walk from each other.

You can chose to stay a day. But we prefer to go for a two or three days.

Because we love to stroll. And love to discover Valencia without rush. Keep it zen.

Climate in Valencia

Important too, is that the climate is very good .
Nearly 320 sunny day.
So, the winters are not to cold. The summers not to hot.
In winter is nice to see the Christmas tree on the largest plaza .Nearby the cathedral.

Bull ring

In the present, the  huge bull ring is used for pop concerts. But it is worth a visit at the outside.
Next to the bullring is the old  station

The cathedral of Valencia

Most visitors start at the cathedral. The cathedral is a usual mix of different styles : Romanesque, Gothic, Moorish and Baroque.
In the past, it was built on the same place as the Moorish mosque.
So, the construction of the cathedral began in the 13th century.

Now, in the cathedral you can see many treasures.
To sum :  like paintings by Fransisco Goya and the “ holy grail” a goblet  which should belongs to  Jesus ….

Kathedraal Valencia
Kathedraal Valencia

Nearby there are little picturesque streets. Take time for a coffee con leche and enjoy the Spanish way of life. A coffee with a toast with tomatoes and olive oil.

Turia Park Valencia .

First, the Turia park  located is nearby the river Turia.
But the park is a meeting place for the young and old, locals and the tourists.
The locals spend their time with walking, cycling, talking, eating, drinking …
Furthermore, there is a beautiful fountain. Perfect to relax in the hot summer.
Nearby ice creams shops  and tapas bars .

Turia park Valencia
Turia park Valencia

Ciudad de las Artes y Ciencias.

Mostly tourists come for the famous City of Arts and Sciences.
Also known as the “ Ciudad de las Artes y Ciencias”.
This beautiful building is designed by Santiago Calatrava.
Important in this magnifique building their is a cultural center.
But also  an IMax theatre and a science museum.
Furthermore also one of the largest aquarium in Europe.

And many  sports facilities and many exhibitions.

Valencia Ciudad artes Y ciencias
Ciudad artes Y ciencias

The largest aquarium or Oceanographic

The aquarium recreates different ecosystems on earth..

Naturally of the major seas. Includes the life within.
Count a half day for your visit.

You can buy a ticket in combination with the science museum and the Hemisphere or planetarium.
At the planetarium you can watch a documentary about volcanes. It takes an half hour. Or the depths of the red sea. Or the Árticas.

The Eixample Barrio of Valencia

This barrio seems an open air museum.
Plenty of art nouveau architecture with wide streets and beautiful gardens.
Real worth a visit.

Valencia Central Market
Central Market

Lonja de seda

This building was in in the past the silk trade of Valencia .

Now the building is on the Unesco heritage site.
The Lonja de Seda is a excellent example of the golden age of the city.
Go inside and admire the Hall with superb vaults and  ceiling lamps.
It taje just a half hour to admire this beauty. But it is a must stop for the history of Valencia.
In the past the silk industry was one of the most important  economy.

Lonja de la Seda
Lonja de la Seda

Mercado central Central Market Place

mercado Central Valencia

Every Spanish city and town got his market.
This covered market of Valencia is located at the “ Plaza del Mercado “.
In the past, the open market was indeed the place where for ages was traded.
In the beginning of the 20th century this  Art Nouveau building was the largest covered market in Europe.
Now,  is one of the most remarkable Modernist buildings.

You can notice the iron vaulted beams and domes. But also the beautiful stained glass and the typical mosaics.
The building is worth a visit only to admire the architecture.
Inside the market their are nearly 1000 stalls.
To sum up , daily fresh fruit, vegetables, meat and fish have been sold.
But also arts and crafts.
On this typical Spanish market you can smell , taste, see and  hear the lively atmosphere.
Of course, the products are delicious and fresh.
With many paella restaurants.

Paella Valencia
Paella Valencia

Eating and drinking

There are every where at the city  cafes, restaurants , bars….
It up to you to chose : different sort of  tapas, coffee bars, nice little menu del dia …But also restaurants with Michelin stars.
So it is up to you to chose .

Serrano Towers.

Valencia Torre de Serrano
The towers  Torre de Serrano

The Serrano towers are remaining from the wall, who protected the city in the middle age .
Strange enough the ” Torres de Serrano” were not broken . Because, it serves as the city’s prison .
The rest of the wall was removed.
The form the entrance of the Turia gardens.

The tourist bus or rent a bike

This red double-decker shows you the highlights of the city on an easy way.
But is very flat so you can enjoy cycling , it is a very nice way to explore the city.

The parks of Valencia

The beautiful 200-year-old garden “ Botanical garden “ is well-known.


South of Valencia  is  the famous  “ Parque Natural de la Albufera”.
It is a freshwater lagoon.
This natural park covers 20 000 hectares.
And has an enormous biodiversity of fauna and flora. It is also one of the most important nature areas in the Valencia region.
Also, you can find  an Information centre for the Albufera Lagoon Nature Park. This on the road to El Palmar.

The Albufera is protects by a slim strip of coastline.  On this strip there are sand dunes and pine forest.
Three canals connect the freshwater lagoon and the wetlands with the sea.


In the lake the Valencian people  grow a large part of the Spanish rice.
Indeed one of the basic ingredients for most well-known Spanish food.

Valencia is the birth place of paella, one of the most famous dishes of Spanish cuisine.

Read more about Paella on our other web page.

Fiesta in Valencia

The most important Fiesta in the city is the Fallas. It takes place in March.
Read more about it on our page   Fallas in Valencia .

It is the event for the  many tourist and locals.
You will be astounded by the size of them.

Fallas in Valencia
Fallas in Valencia

How to get there ?

Most people come to Valencia for a city trip.

So they take the plain to Valencia airport.

But if you are staying at the Costa  Blanca you can come with the train. There is a large station in Valencia Nord.

Also , there are coach trips to Valencia from the different places at the coast of the Costa Blanca.

To end

There is no end in a city as Valencia.
Is nice to visit in summer . But also in winter when it is not really a beach weather.

Valencia is great to go and visit. Some say it is miniature Paris in the sun.
When you are staying at the Costa Blanca it is do able for a day trip. But it is also perfect for a city trip.

Enjoy !