Top 5 cities to visit in Spain

Top 5 cities to visit in Spain.

First, Spain is one of Europe’s favorite gateways. The growing is even higher since the crisis in some other favorite holiday places.The Spanish tourism has begin at his revival. And not only the tourism but also the economy.

 To spend your holiday , what  is on your wish-list ?


To sum up : sSandy wide beaches and a blue sea, a very good cuisine and a very old culture .
Or beautiful landscape and coasts , a night-life,  many fiestas and festivals ?

In fact , Spain got it all.

Indeed, the places we have chosen, for visiting Spain got the right mix of it all.

See you ASAP :  As sunny as possible .

 San Sebastian is in the Top 5 cities to visit in Spain.


Top 5 cities to visit San Sebastian
Top 5 cities to visit


On our holiday in France in St Jean de la Luz , we have crossed the border and traveled to San Sebastian. For us it became one of the Top 5 cities.
In fact, San Sebastian is a elegant and very beautiful city.
As it is located in the north east of Spain. In the region called  Basque.
San Sebastian is well situated in a banana-shaped bay between two mountains.
Facing the bay lays the island of Santa Clara.

First, San Sebastian have a history of family resort but also of luxury. It was well known by the elite in the 19th century.
Next, the place worth visiting is “ Plaza  de la Constitucion”. We loved the beautiful avenue with arcades and  houses with the balconies.
Then, the church nearby is the Santa Maria del Coro. The church has a baroque portal.
At the top of the hill,  is a statue of Jesus Christ. And you can find the ruins of the Castillo de Santa Cruz de la Mota with old guns .

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Barcelona is on 4 one of the Top 5 cities to visit. 

Top 5 cities to visit
Top 5 cities to visit

First, Barcelona is the capital of the Catalonia region.
Second the city is the largest city after Madrid.
Next, the Catalonia region is located in the North West of Spain, nearby the Mediterean sea.
As a result, that the city has a large harbor.
Even if Barcelona a part of Spain, the language is Catalan.
One of the most famous people of Barcelona is the architect  Gaudi .
As a result, the Sagrada Familia is not only the main symbol for Barcelona but also for Gaudi.

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Valencia is on number 3 of the Top 5 cities to visit in Spain

Top 5 cities to visit
Top 5 cities to visit


Indeed, also Valencia is one of the Top 5 cities.
In fact, Valencia is the third largest city of Spain. It is located nearby the Mediterranean Sea at the east coast. So a warmer climate than Barcelona and San Sebastian.
Further, Valencia is a very vibrant city.

First, the city got beautiful beaches, nice restaurants and bars.
Next, the culture lover finds very interesting museums and art galleries.
In Valencia there are also many large parks and plaza’s to discover
Then, the trendy night-life attract many young tourist
Naturraly, Valencia got a wonderful Mediterranean climate.
The most important attraction of Valencia is  “Ciudad de las Artes y Ciencias”. It is the city of art and sciences. Indeed, the place to be for museums and aquarium.

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2 Granada

Top 5 cities to visit
Top 5 cities to visit

To begin with, Granada is number two on my personal Top 5.

This wonderfull city is in Andalusia.
Located in the south-east of Spain and is the capital of the province of Granada .
In fact, Granada is the witness of the mix of cultures. To sum up : the Muslims, the Jews and the Catholics.

The best , in the city is located one of the most famous monuments of Spain, the Alhambra.
As you can see, it is a beautiful city that is surely worth the visit.
Nearby the city is the Sierra Neveda.

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Cordoba is number one in the the Top 5 cities to visit.


Top 5 cities to visit in Spain Cordoba
Top 5 cities to visit in Spain Cordoba

 Iif you did not noticed before : we like Andalusia.
One of the city’s who are in the Top 5 cities worth visiting is Cordoba.
Granada, Cordoba and Seville are the city that stole our heart.

Cordoba is located in the heart of Andalusia, and surrounded by thousands of olive trees.

Cordoba is siuated nearby  the Gualaquivivir river .
It is one of the oldest city.
Cordoba is a cultural rich city with a history in several historical periods.

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Top 5 cities to visit in Spain
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Top 5 cities to visit in Spain
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