Gastronomy at the Costa Blanca

Gastronomy and specialty’s  at the Costa Blanca , that is what you will discover on our page.

First, the gastronomy is  very important at  the Costa Blanca.
For Spanish people the excellent quality and diversity of the materials are very important.
As the Costa Blanca is situated nearby the Mediterranean sea , the ingredients are coming as well from the sea as from the land.

Gastronomy Seafood
Gastronomy Seafood

All in all, the  region is the vegetable garden of the Mediterranean.
In fact not only for the Spanish market , but also for the West European market.

The best in the Spanish cuisine , the ingredients from sea and land   come together.
Equally important,  the know-how and experience of the chef has made the cuisine become very  popular.

In brief, the region around Alicante is  one of the best area to eat in Spain.  Even by the best chef of the world, the chef of El Bulli.

Of course, you can eat well in all Spain.
But at the Alicante region the dishes have their unique flavors of the Mediterranean.

The fine cuisine, a gastronomy delight.

In special, the Costa Blanca has an international reputation for its fine cuisine.
Of course, there are several restaurants with Michelin stars.
As you known is a Michelin star  the most prestigious worldwide gastronomy award.
In Spain the Michelin stars are important, but equality  important are the Respol “Suns” .

One of the towns of the Costa Blanca has been awarded the most ‘ creative Gastronomy city. In fact , this town is Denia.
So, come to the Costa Blanca  to enjoy its superb cuisine in restaurants, tapa bars and gastro-bars.
Check out our dedicated guide to Orihuela Costa Restaurants.

Gastronomic Origin labels.

Products with a certificate of origin. This label is a quality stamp. So it give to the product the assure of the quality and the geographic location of where it is produces. As in France ” Appellation controlee” .

In the Costa Blanca they are wines, liqueurs, cherries,turron….

Turron or Nougat from Alicante.

The turron is made in the town of Jijona.
First, they  use the ingredients from the region.
As  almonds and honey .
If the turron is hard it , in Spain they call it : “Turron Duro”.

In fact , “Supreme” has 60 % of Almonds. while, “The Extra” of 42 % of almonds.

Do you want to read more ? Gave a look at our page Turron from Alicante .

Nice to known, every where in Alicante in February the  almonds tree are blossoming.
A spectacular view, only for two weeks in a year .


Wine  from the Costa Blanca region.

The Alicante region offers a wide range of different wines.
Due to the diversity of regions, altitude and climate.
The wines reflecting the Mediterranean spirit of the sun and the sea and the mountains.
As a result, the wines have different styles so the region offers wine for every type of wine taster.

Gastronomy wine
Gastronomy wine

The most popular is the red Alicante or Tinto Alicante . The red wine is 75% of the production. Depending the time of maturity , the wine is deep red, ruby-red or purple-red. The red wine may be “crianza” . What means  2 years aging 6 month on wooden barrels
Or “reserva , “what means  3 years and 1 year on wooden barrel.
Nowadays young wines are also aging in wooden barrels.
Indeed ,this time in wooden barrels , gives the wine a timber and an elegance.
In sum, the range is wide of different wines.
The Alicante region have also different ” Denominacon de Origen Calificada” or Protected Denomination of Origin.

Liqueurs from Alicante region.

There are four liqueurs recognized by the council. But there are many more. Sure one for any taste.
One of the liqueurs is the  ” Herbero de la Sierra de Mariola”. This liquor is made by distillation of certain herbs from the mountains of Mariola.
This herbs used for the sweet delight are sage,  chamomile and fennel.
As all ready said, the liqueur is very  sweet.
Many restaurants offers it as a digestive at the end of the meal.

Gastronomy Liquors
Gastronomy Liquors

The other one is the ” Anis Paloma”. As the name explains is made by distillation green anise or star anise.
All these  liqueurs are also very popular pure or on  ice or in cocktails.

Sweet wine

First, the “Moscatel” wine  is made from .. the grape of the Moscatel.

The wine is also known as ” Mistela”. It is a very sweet wine. There is also a liqueur from the Moscatel grape. The wine have a range of yellow colors . From bright yellow to yellow amber.


Sparkling wines from the” Moscate”  grape.
These sparkling wines have the freshness but still is sweet.
Instead of the cava , it is not the same taste as a brut cava.
Indeed the Moscatel wine  is complementary at the Mediterranean cuisine.

Although , the wines are different from region to region. So the wine of Alicante change their bouquet, their freshness, their elegance which allows you to experience the different flavors. To conclude , when you taste the wine of  Alicante the, you taste the history of the region .

Gastronomy : Wine route

Meanwhile, for the wine lover,there is a route who is very interesting.
In fact, the Alicante wine route ” rutas del vino” is perfect.
Indeed, the wine route is a journey in the wine making tradition of the Costa Blanca.
The route covers the whole area of the Costa Blanca. All the areas are different but share  one common thing ” the wine ” .
On the Alicante wine route , you can choose for guided tours in the vineyards and wineries. But also wine tasting in the cellars. And of course in the different towns you can enjoy the cultural heritage of the people, the beautiful sights , the lovely customs.

wine route
wine route

The wine route gives you the opportunity to visit interesting wineries, stay at little  hotels or lodges. Besides it is the perfect moment to try the cuisine or buy the excellent products of the region. It is the moment to stop and explore the  little bodega’s. Or to drine trough the Spanish countryside , the “huerto”.
Take your time to visit the small shops.
But do not forget that everything is closed during the famous siesta. So, then you can make time to a lunch stop for a picnic or local restaurant. While, enjoying the atmosphere of the characterful inland.

The route is popular not only for the wine. But also the traditions and the typical Mediterranean cuisine.

Read more about the wine route inthe Murcia Region on our page .

Wine routes
Wine routes


Spain’s home grown sparkling wine is no longer seen as a less champagne. But a product to be pride of.
It is  a sparkling wine increasingly seen at family celebrations at Spain but also in Europe.
For example in Belgium it is very popular at birthday party’s .
The bubbles are principality produced in Catalonia The Cava the Freixenet.
But also in the Valencia region. Cava means cellar in English. And in this cava’s  were once used to preserve and age the  sparkling wine.


In the 70th the name Cava was adopted to make a difference from the French Champagne.
It is made the same way, but with different grapes.
Cava Brut or Cava Semi Seco are growing in popularity because of it lower calories than the great variety of cocktails and the beers.

Guardamar Tapas Route

Guardamar organizes its third route of tapas. This time the theme is the Tapas with a history inspired by the ancient Arab culture.  The tapas route is from the 17th of October till the 9th November.  The Tapas including a drink cost 1 euro 90 so no excuses to not try them.

Guardamar Tapas Route
Guardamar Tapas Route

The route is organized by the Town Council and the theme had been choses due to the Islāmic History of Guardamar.  You can get the Map of the route at each of the participating restaurants or at the The Tourist Office , you can recognize the participating restaurant or bar by a moorish drawn person outside.  In total there are 14 places where you can enjoy a Tapa.

At each restaurant you can get a stamp which allows you to vote for your favorite tapa in the end and win a prize.  The maps should be deposited before the 11th of November if you want to take part in this prize drawing. Else you can just keep them as a nice memory.

Map Route Guardamar Plan
Map Route Guardamar Plan

Prizes for participating establishments :

1) Best Cover Award elected by popular vote from customers. The establishment winner will receive a plaque and a prize of € 200.00.

2) Participation in the course of the CDT of Torrevieja “Tapas and Pinchos”

Awards for clients and consumers

1) Award “Buy Guardamar.” 5 gift vouchers for € 100 in purchases, offered by the City of Guardamar, consume in any setting will be drawn Guardamar.

2) Popular Jury Award . Three meals or dinners (choice) for two people will be drawn, the maximum amount of 35.00 € per person. Entered to win those customers who have collected 6 different stamps and deposit the map-route sealed and filled in the Tourist Office until November 11, 2014 (inclusive), with all required data, otherwise it will be deemed null participation.

The draws will be public and will be held on November 14, 2014 at 12: 00h in the Hall of City Hall.

The awards ceremony will be public and will be held in the Council Chamber of City Hall, conveniently communicating the winners day and time.

Participating establishments:

THE BARRACA – C / Jorge Juan s / n Tel 671 03 May 44.
THE ÑORA -.. Avda Els Pins, Tel 96 672 58 54 70
HOTEL Guardamar -.. Puerto Rico Avda 11 96 572 96 50 Tel
GARDEN RESTAURANT ( SOUTHERN HOTEL) – Avda Llibertat, Tel 96 572 64 83 40..
PIL PIL – C / Gate of Cairo, 3 96 672 81 92 Tel.
KIOSKO PARK – Avda Cervantes s / n Tel 646 96 20 16..
MESÓN LAURA -.. Avda Las Dunas, Tel 96 672 35 59 41
Avda del Peru CASABLANCA, 2 Tel 96 672 58 22..
CAFETERIA HERNANDEZ -. C / San Jose, Tel 107 671 18 October 29
Arroceria Candela – C / Brasil 4 96 572 98 04 Tel.
YACHT CLUB -.. Avda Port s / n Tel 96 672 82 94
FOAM BREWERY – C / Blasco Ibáñez esq. Cartagena Tel 691 91 59 57.
CHEMA RESTAURANT -.. Avda Cervantes s / n Tel 96 572 85 12
MAR HOTEL EDEN – Avenida Mediterraneo, Tel 96 572 19 92 13..
HOUSE PACO – Mediterranean esq Avda.. C / La Paz Tel 96 672 55 56.
GALICIA RESTAURANT – C / Cartagena, 19 96 672 59 77 Tel.
MIGUEL -. C / San Pedro, Tel 644 29 25 53 38

How to make Paella

The best of the Spanish cuisine is simple, traditional and typical.
The most famous is the paella .
Now, in this article we tell you how to make a delicious paella in an easy way.
In the past , it was originally a dish from Valencia. Valencia is located in the Costa Brava. Since the eighth century rice is cultivated in Valencia.
Now, it is a dish found in every regions of Spain.

As a result , the paella is a perfect mix between the cultures who were important in the history of Spain.
First, the Romans for their pan and the Arabs for the rice. 
The story said that the servants of the Moorish kings mixed the left overs of the royal banquets. They put it away in large pots to take it at home. The word “Paella “refers to the pan. 
Indeed the word Pan or Pa refers to the Roman culture from the Latin word : Patella with means recipient to drink or eat.

More specifically in Spain in the region of  Valencia, there are many rice fields.In fact, the rice fields are called in Valencia the “Albuferas”.

In short, in this regions of the Costa Blanca , there is all sort of meat and seafood.As a result ,  that the paella the perfect delicious mix of the richness of the nature is .
At the past, farm workers also made it earlier in the field, over a wooden open  fire, with the paella-pan or an earthenware bowl resting on a few big stones. 


Now it’s one of the most popular Spanish dishes.Colorfull Paella

Finally the “Paella” Ingredients :

– 200 g  long grain rice ( Albuferan rice )
– 1 chicken breast (cut into chunks)
– 500 grams of mussels (cleaned)
– 8 prawns or langoustines (unpeeled)
– 2 onions (chopped)
– 3 cloves garlic (chopped)
– 1 red pepper (cut into strips)
– 3 tomatoes (peeled, seeded, cut in quarters)
– 1/2 liter beef broth (or water with bouillon cubes)
– 1 glass of white wine
– 1/2 teaspoon saffron threads
– Olive oil
– Salt and pepper


How to prepare the Paella.

First, heat some olive oil in a large pan and add the chicken pieces to bake them.

Next add garlic, onion, peppers and tomatoes and let it gently simmer.

Then, remove everything from the pan.
Now, heat some olive oil and add the rice into the pan, until the grains are nice and  shiny.

Then, deglaze with the wine and the broth, next  add everything back into the pan and bring to a boil.

Next , season with salt, pepper and saffron.

During 25 minutes , let the whole dish cook on low temperature.

At last, add the mussels and shrimp and cook further for 8 minutes. Indeed almost all cooking water should now be absorbed by the rice.

In brief, for paella there are many variations for the meat or the seafood. So you can safely experiment.

As a result, the bottom line is that an original paella always should be a combination between chicken (or rabbit) and some seafood.

Finally , now taste and enjoy your own Paella!




Orihuela Costa Restaurants

Orihuela Costa restaurants is content of this page.

Orihuela Costa restaurants.

The Orihuela Costa  known under the many sub areas . This sub areas are La Zenia, La Fuente, Campoamor and Playa Flamenca.
The Orihuela Costa  offers a wide range of restaurants.
First of all Spanish local restaurants.But also traditional British food including an English breakfast and Fish and chips till experimental and fine dining.
Indeed you can find any kind of restaurant in Orihuela Costa restaurants.
On this page we will feature our choice of Orihuela Costa restaurants and a list of other restaurants in or around Orihuela Costa .
The Orihuela Costa restaurants guide, also contains the areas of Playa Flamenca and La Zenia , La Fuente and Campoamor.

“The Gong ”   or a.k.a. “The Papaya Tree”      Playa Flamenca.


First the restaurant is in a cozy and original decoration with nice and calm music playing.
Definitely the best Thai restaurant in the Orihuela Costa and the surroundings.
The Thai cuisine is really good, combining a show of flavors and colors.
Starters are traditional and modern dishes combined prepared with the finest ingredients.
We did like the green curry (beware of the red chili pepper its hot).

The food is indeed lovely, offering a wide range of choice including “Season menu’s” or just one dish. The staff is super friendly and the price is good.The service is fantastic.

The Thai food is freshly cooked and very tasty.
Indeed we enjoyed this restaurant with very good food at reasonable prices.
Although the price is more expensive than the  several  “Wok’s ” , the food is incomparable much better.

Centro Commercial Flamenca Beach, 24-26. Orihuela Costa. Alicante Spain.

“The Cellar Door” Playa Flamenca  Fine dining

The Cellar Door La Zenia Playa Flamenca Alicante Restaurant Costa Blanca Goats cheese, caramelised beetroot, marinated orange and radish salad

The Cellar Door La Zenia Playa Flamenca Alicante Restaurant Costa Blanca Goats cheese, caramelised beetroot, marinated orange and radish saladAt first the Cellar Door is one of  best of the Orihuela Costa restaurants.
It is owned by the same owners of the Papaya tree.
Next  it ranks in the Top 10 on TripAdvisor for the Costa Blanca.
The restaurant offers a  modern European style cuisine.
With influences from the  English, the French cuisine and fine the Asian cuisine.


The restaurant is redecorated. In the past is was decorated  by using a mix of different kinds of chairs and offering full wood tables with a warm color.
In the present is more stylish.
There is a lovely atmosphere thanks the nice jazzy music that is playing.
Still the Service is great, they often check on you to make sure everything is all right.
The guest wife and her team make everyone feel welcome. They are very friendly on a natural way. When the guest wife is not in the Cellar Door, the atmosphere is different.

Price Range.

Now,  the Cellar Door offers 2 Menus. An  menu for 40 €  and a  menu for 30 €.
The choice is still yours.
There is still an excellent house wine at 10 euro the bottle.
We took the 5 courses menu : Bread of the day, Amuse bouche, Tempura brie, Corvina fish, Mandarine and coconut granita and at last sesame ice cream.
The chef of the Cellar Door has eye for every ultimate detail. This reflects in the superb quality of the menu.
In brief, if you are the guest of this restaurant, it is a gastronomic experience that you will not forget soon.
The restaurant is very popular with North and West European tourist therefore it is better to make a reservation.
Telephone number to reserve in advance +34 688 41 83 67

“Rustica” European Food

It is a little cosy restaurant with inside 20 places.
The food is fresh and good.
The guest wife and her team pay attention to every detail.
She give every visitor a warm welcome.
The lamb rack and the rib eye are fabulous.  We did not order the pork chop. Because you have to wait to 50 minutes.  But others sat that it is amazing. And defiantly worth the waiting for a excellent pork chop.
But the sea fish in papillote is also delicious.
As starter the mussels and the bruschetta are popular. The Rustica serves also daily specials.
There is one thing to mention. The portion are huge. So, we did not take a dessert.

Outside dining is possible even in the winter. The owners install overhead heaters.
The restaurant is very popular with the locals and the tourists.
Also children are welcome.
So it is recommended to make a reservation.

Adress :  CC Flamanca Beach
Orihuela 03189

“Truffel” restaurant  European  French food

The chef of the “Cellar Door” started this little restaurant in La Fuente.  It was a gastronomic experience thanks to chef Pascual and his team.
We chose different dishes and they were all delicious.
It is very difficult to chose between the lamb, the hake, the superb beef cheeks….
And the desserts ! I melt for the tasty picture on a plate.
A real high standard for the menu. We took the menu of 22€ ! Amazing value for this price.
Everything was well presented.
Chef/owner Pascual loves his job and  got respect for the food itself. It reflects in everything.

The “New Hong Kong” or the old “Asia Chic” La Zenia.

Food is decent offering and wide range of Chinese food and Asiatic food for a decent Price.
The ” New Hong Kong  ” offers a good price /quality.
Offering  menus from 10 euro including a drink.
This restaurant offers great quality for an excellent Price.
Definitely worth checking out.

“Old Asia”  La Zenia.

The Food server at Old Asia is delicious.
Their Sushi is excellent and fresh, it’s probably the best I ever had for the moment.

Even though “Old Asia”  its a bit more expensive than the normal Asiatic restaurants. But the quality is excellent.

“Che Restaurante Argentino”    Zenia Boulevard.

Is a Argentinian restaurant at La Zenia Boulevard offering an all you can eat formula for 13.95 euros and  rising to 17.95 at weekends .
Although drinks are not included but free refill on fizzy drinks for 2.95.
The staff is really friendly and the quality of the food is good .
You just order your vegetables and fries, rice or bread or even all of it.
Then the waiters will come to the table with different kinds of meat where you can choose from.
Even though having a buffet brought to your table is always special , and the meat was amazing.
Giant skewers of chicken, pork, beef were brought round by a very friendly and attentive staff.
Definitely this “Che Argentinean steak house” is a must for any meat lover and was great value for money. Family friendly.

Tip: don’t eat too quickly or too much from one dish.
Wait a little, because there is a lot of delicious meat that comes around.

One of the other Orihuela Costa restaurants : “The Nautilus”


First of all this restaurant has one of the best locations in the area, right next to the Mediterranean sea with fabulous views.
In the past we have eaten there several times, out of the summer season, and always had a good meal.
The staff was friendly from both Spanish and English waiters/waitresses.
Indeed we like the superb view on the sea from the restaurant.
The “Nautilus” offers a range of and international cuisine.
The fish dishes in particular are really excellent.
The prices are a little more expensive than some other restaurants . Are we paying for the view ?
Because the restaurant is located nearby the sea, the view is lovely especially upstairs.
Even or just for a drink or a cocktail ” The Nautilus ” it’s worth a visit.

Bar   “Las Colinas”      Beach Club  Campoamor.

Las Colinas Beach Club swimming pool
Las Colinas Beach Club swimming pool

The Beach club is open between March and October.  Enso Sushi Restaurant.
There is both a Sushi restaurant in the main club as well as in the beach club although the one in beach club is only open in summer.

“Poco Loco”    Cabo Roig  Tex Mex food

Activities and atmosphere

The “Poco Loco ” is a Tex Mex Restaurant, and at first this is the best choice to with big family and kids.  Almost each night they have children activities planned.
So this makes it an unforgettable night for the kids. Meanwhile parents can enjoy their meal.
After this there is sometimes live music or other activities.

The Menu and food.

The Poco Loco offers a Menu for 13,99 and it includes starters, Main and a dessert.
While the food is mixed American and Mexican.
In addition, they offer huge Cocktails. So make sure you either have a sober driver. Or you can naturally can call a cheap Taxi to go home. After all it is holiday, and time to relax and enjoy.
At the” Poco Loco” food quality is good and is great value for the money.
At the top of the restaurant , there is a nice terrace.
If you want huge portions check out the “à la carte” Menu.
Naturally you can share a starter with 3 persons and still have plenty of food.
After that there is a range of Mexican or American dishes.

First : good valued  and decorated restaurant.Is perfect to go with kids and family.  Staff is super friendly and the place is nicely decorated. in the Mexican style.

Orihuela Costa restaurants worth Mentioning.

If you are looking to eat Indian food we could recommend “the Mumbai Blue” .
They have a wide range of curries and prizes are ok.

“Chapter One” offers a nice English menu with some fine dining options. But prices are a bit more on the expensive side in comparison to the other restaurants.

Restaurante “Los Cucalos”                Spanish food

Adress: Monte Zenia, Urbanización Los Dolses, Orihuela Costa.
This is one of the Orihuela Costa restaurants who is very large and local  It is very popular by the Spanish people.
This is the place where the local families go to eat. The staff is very friendly ans speak English.
First of all the place is very good value for money.  The chef has won several local competitions with his food.
The restaurant is a family friendly restaurant, with a real Mediterranean food.

At the “Los Cucalos.” there is already a daily menu from 12 €.
At Sunday there is a special menu for 15 € ! But you can also chose  ” a la carte” .
We eat the paella, it was excellent.
Since the start the restaurant is also known for it great seafood.
The one negative point is that the location is a bit difficult to find.
To conclude , the  restaurant is large , 250 places,  with large windows.
It is ideal for family with children. So If the children are coming with you there is a separate play ground for kids . Free wifi. Free easy parking.

“Rianxeira Restaurant ”   one of the Spanish Orihuela Costa restaurants

“Rainxeira Restaurant”  is a nice Spanish restaurant at Cabo Roig.
Excellent food and paella. Fantastic value  quality price . Nearly every night there is a good entertainment. It is sure a  place to enjoy with friends.
A lovely welcome and service by the staff.

Last time, we ordered  the 3 course set menu which included a half bottle of house wine per person. It was also the Flamenco evening, with a Spanish singer and Flamenco dancer.
For the three of us we paid a bill of only 45 € so we paid 15 € each.The menu include a salad , pan con aioli , a starter , a main-course, and a house made dessert. But also the half bottle of wine per person , so for us three one bottle and a half. And finally a coffee.

So the ” Flamenco “night,  at first we choose the home-made paella, second the main course was hake with e delicious sauce and potatoes  and  at last the dessert was a perfect  homemade apple cake ( tarte tatin ) with ice scream.
The restaurant has a steady flow of regular customers.
Their is always something to do at the evening. Check  the planner in front of the restaurant.

“The French Touch”          La Fuente Campoamor.

The Orihuela Costa restaurants at La Fuente are on a good location. The french touch is one of this restaurants.
It has the sun into the evening.  So there is a lovely setting for just a drink or for eating on the terrace.
The bar / restaurant has a great choice of food on the menu.
The staff is friendly and nothing is too much trouble. The patron wants to please his guests.
We enjoyed the daily fresh fish, it was well prepared and very tasty.
Our friends did try the fondue , they said it was very good.
The quality is good .
The restaurant have a “menu del dia” as well as ” a la carte “.
Give it a try to make up your own mind.

“Numbar5” at the strip        Cabo roig.

The Cabo Roig  strip near the N 332 is a large boulevard of restaurants , bar and shops.
One of the better Orihuela Costa restaurants is the  ” Numbar5 “.
The” Numbar5″ got a daily menu at 15€.  A starter and  a main course.
We chose to eat  ” a la carte “The food is delicious and made with love and respect for the food itself. That some times the different with other restaurant on the strip.
The dessert is  very tasty.
The local wines are from Yecla and Jumilla.
Read more about this wines Ecological wine from Yecla and Jumilla 
The service is quick but not hasty. The staff is efficient and attentive.
The “Numbar5” is well worth a visit. It becomes more popular. So it is better to make a reservation.

“Indigo”                                 Indian food

The Indigo is one of the  Orihuela Costa restaurants situated in La Zenia.
The restaurant Indigo serves Indian food.  The owner and his wife is extremely welcoming.
The Indian cook is working in a open kitchen.The flavors are excellent.
So it takes a little while, because everything is home-made.
To start, we love the chutneys , the samosa’s with mint sauce . But also teh large choice in the different  curry’s.
Also important , the  “Indigo ” offer also a take away service.
So it is worth you visit if you like Indian food.
Also important, “The Indigo” is familie friendly. You can sit inside or outside on the terrace.
Adress: Calle Antonio Machado 7, La Zenia

“The Stray Sod”         Campoamor                Irish bar and restaurant

First , “The Stray sod” is an Irish bar /restaurant,  so keep in mind that you are eating in a pub.
As a result it has a great atmosphere with football matches being broadcast-ed on big TV’s .
First one of the biggest advantages is that they work with fresh and seasonal products. Indeed this improves the quality of the food. Besides “The Stray Sod” also offers some home-made pies.
Favorite dishes are for starters “Beer Battered onion rings” or “soup of the day” and as a main course a “Sirloin or Rib eye steak”. Don’t order the biggest steak unless you are starving. Indeed a normal steak will be sufficient most of the times.

Equally important for the ambiance. Every night after 10 o clock there are some local bands that insure the ambiance.
From Irish pub music to jazz music every night there is another artist playing some music.

To end the Orihuela Costa restaurants

There are to many restaurants to mention. Also important  ” les gouts et les couleurs ne se discute  pas” . Indeed every body has his own taste and flavors.

So if you found a great restaurant like us on Facebook and tell us and we will try to visit it.